Story Board (Rough Draft)


(1) The story starts out by a player getting injured on the field playing a sport. (2) He then goes and sees a Sport’s Medicine Doctor. (3) The Doctor diagnoses him and gives him a set of exercises to do outside of the office. (4) He then gives the patient the medical band and explains to him that this band will help him stay on track with his exercises and it will give the doctor vital information when he sees him next. (5) The patient exercises while uses his band doing his required exercises. (6) His goal of reps and exercises was reached for that day!




Triaxial Accelerometer is pictured above. This device is able to sense movement of my device and the tilt at which it is held.


I will be using LED lights for my interface

SONY-FT1-Compatible-Battery--3-6V-680mAh-Thin-Li-Ion-_qgxg1260865644390Two Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries will be used to power my device.